8 Crazy Travel Stories to Put Holiday Travel in Perspective

8 Crazy Travel Stories to Put Holiday Travel in Perspective

With holiday travel kicking into high gear this week, we thought we’d share some of our favorite (and crazy) travel tales of all time. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of our fellow industry professionals whose efforts below have made this post possible, too! And please let us know your favorite or share stories we missed in the comments.

I Can Trash That! If you’re a vacation rental owner (or even have small children like the founders here at Evolve), you know that certain people left unattended in a room for a certain period of time can be dangerous. That’s definitely the case with these celebrity-trashed hotel rooms, shared by our friends over at Budget Travel.

Celebrity In-Flight Antics: Some people aren’t built to trash hotel rooms, but they just might delay your flight with their unruly on-plane behavior! The UK Telegraph presents a slide show of the most famous faces to stir things up on planes.

How Bad Are Baggage Fees? Well, you might get hit with $20 per bag, but according to BBC news, this gentleman decided to…check HIMSELF when he found the coach class ticket to be just a wee bit spendy!

Last Train to Clarskville: A couple who had been hopping trains around the country, not unlike those characters depicted in hobo tales, met an untimely end this week when they chose the wrong rail car as a hideaway. Maybe stick to the bus? Reuters has the scoop.

You’re In the Dog House! Once you’ve checked in, that is. Check out this report from Frommer’s, one of our favorite online travel guides, on the wackiest hotel concepts.

Your Daily Odd. Roadside America does an incredible job of keeping the citizenry apprised of the latest (and oddest) roadside attractions across America. Check out celebrity underwear in Abingdon, Virginia. Read tales of America’s Muffler Men.  We’d tell you more, but it’s worth the click trip on your own!

Get ON the Plane! And it’s true – there’s a science to it. Check out the Steffen Method and see if your airline of choice measures up. It is apparently possible to board a plane 40% to 50% faster.

Destination? Hell. No reading list on crazy travel is complete without a trip to Flights From Hell. The site is a compilation of traveler-submitted stories of airline travel that can’t be described as optimal. Worth a chuckle and a great reminder that sometimes we can have it a whole lot worse!