3 Ways Evolve Is Making Vacation Rental Easier

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3 Major milestones Evolve hit in 2018

Interest in the vacation rental industry has exploded over the past year. Millions of vacation rental bookings are made every week. New properties are entering the market every day.

All of that growth means there’s more competition and new challenges for homeowners, but also more opportunity.

You deserve to seize those opportunities and we plan to help. Evolve has hit three major milestones in the past year that will have a direct impact on the quality of services we can provide to our customers. We’re excited to share how we plan to make vacation rental better and easier.

1. A renewed investment in making vacation rental easy

Evolve’s latest capital raise in 2018 brought in $80 million to strengthen our teams, improve our services, and double down on giving owners and travelers the best vacation rental experiences possible.

Customers should already feel the impact of this investment through a better Evolve support system. Expect to have your questions answered and issues resolved more efficiently as we implement a new phone system and streamline our teams that support you and your guests.  You can also look forward to ongoing innovation as we add new tech-focused roles and leadership positions to the company.

And by the end of the year, we plan to add another 50 team members and expand to a third floor of our downtown Denver headquarters. This brings our total footprint to 72,000 square feet and means we’ll have plenty of space to grow.

You can find more details about our capital raise in this press release.

2. An enhanced dynamic pricing tool for even smarter rates

Our recently announced acquisition of Everbooked will allow us to provide homeowners with exclusive access to the most advanced revenue management platform in the vacation rental industry.

We’re excited to officially bring Everbooked’s capabilities in-house after partnering with the company over the last two years. This acquisition will make our dynamic pricing capabilities even more nimble and industry-leading, giving us an even better ability to maximize rental income for our owners.

We’re so excited to offer this technology enhancement to our customers. Smarter pricing and market data are exactly the kinds of competitive advantages that allow us to help owners outperform their neighbors and maximize their rental income. We’re currently beta testing our enhanced dynamic pricing capabilities and are planning a roll out of the new platform in the coming months.

You can read more about our Everbooked acquisition in our recent press release.

3. Online payments that are even easier and more secure

This year, Evolve switched to leading payment processor, Stripe. It’s a move that puts the very best online payments system in owners’ hands.

Because so many vacation rental bookings are made through Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and other online travel agencies, it’s absolutely necessary to quickly and easily handle transactions in the safest way possible.

Our switch to Stripe gives us access to the next-generation tools we need to increase security, give travelers peace of mind, and get owners paid as quickly possible. And that’s a major win for everyone involved.

There’s Still More to Come

By challenging ourselves to deliver flexible, low-cost, and performance-oriented services, we’re feeling great about the progress we’ve made throughout 2018. As we look forward to 2019, we’re excited to further our efforts to professionalize the vacation rental space by staying focused on our mission to make vacation rental easy for homeowners and their guests.

Evolve has helped more than 9,000 owners throughout North America earn over $350 million in rental income. Learn how you can earn more from your vacation home without all the hassle.