4 Keys to Keeping Your Vacation Rental Guests Happy [Infographic]

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Some vacation rental owners are naturals when it comes to creating the perfect travel experience for their guests. However, most owners spend months or even years trying to figure out what travelers care about most.

To help you save some time, we analyzed 879 traveler reviews in order to learn what it takes to make vacation rental travelers happy.

Check out the infographic below to discover the key items that leave a lasting impression on guests.

What Travelers Care About Infographic

Wondering how you can use this information to keep your guests happy? Focus on these four areas and the glowing reviews are bound to start pouring in!

1. Keep It Clean!

Most travelers are accustomed to the level of cleanliness they experience when staying at a hotel and expect nothing less when visiting your home.

To ensure your property is spotless, hire a trusted cleaning company and create a checklist outlining the tasks you would like completed prior to each check-in.

If you’re not sure where to start, click here to download The Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide, which includes a free cleaning checklist.

2. Be a Great Host

Nearly 40% of reviews we analyzed mentioned interactions with an owner or local contact. Specifically, travelers were more likely to leave positive reviews when owners were responsive and helpful.

A few things travelers mentioned that made their stay particularly memorable were:

  • Meeting the owner personally and getting tips on nearby activities
  • Accommodating special requests like early check-in or late check-out
  • Complimentary items like coffee, snacks, firewood, wine, etc
  • Having a Welcome Book at the property
  • Quick, friendly responses

3. Furnish and Decorate With Care

You might think travelers don’t pay much attention to the way your home looks. After all, they’re most likely occupied with the destination and activities of the area, right?

Not so much. 48% of travelers left reviews that mentioned the home’s decor or cited the condition of the furniture.

Be sure to decorate and furnish your property with the traveler in mind. Provide comfortable bedding and make sure your decor is representative of the destination.

4. Location, Location, Location

With 553 mentions, location was by far the most frequently noted aspect of a property.

Even if your home isn’t located in the ideal spot, there are plenty of opportunities to make the best of your situation.

Some ways you can do this include: providing information about transportation options, telling guests about lesser-known attractions nearby, or presenting your home as the ultimate secluded retreat for peace and quiet.

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