5 Reasons Evolve Owners Will Have A Happier New Year

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Evolve believes that vacation rental should feel like vacation — everything you hoped for and just what you needed — for both owners and guests. And while you’re probably feeling great about your decision to have Evolve to manage your vacation rental, we’re barely catching our breath from a year of massive growth and change.

We’re not complaining. Quite the opposite. We feel extremely fortunate to have more than 13,000 owners trust us with one (or more!) of their most valuable possessions. That’s exactly why every move we make is to improve the owner or guest experience.

Everything we’ve done this year will help us make sure you stay ahead of the competition and will help guests love their stays, regardless of changes in the vacation rental industry. And both of those goals are connected, because happier guests equal more bookings, which makes for happier owners.

Here are five big moves we’ve made in 2019, starting with the biggest one of all.

1. We’ve upgraded our entire business for 2020

By now, all of our owners should be aware of the exciting upgrades going into effect starting January 1, 2020. From getting listed on Booking.com to our new Rest Easy Promise to a brand new website, we’re creating better experiences for our owners and guests. Here are the highlights:

  • You’ll be featured on Booking.com
  • Your guests will get 24/7 support from Evolve
  • Our Rest Easy Promise will give guests peace of mind
  • Our new website will deliver even more bookings
  • We’ve simplified our industry-low 10% management fee
  • Welcome to SmartRates, our automated dynamic pricing

2. We’ve expanded our team to serve you better

Evolve has been growing quickly — but this year might beat them all. We’ve welcomed travel and hospitality industry veterans to our leadership team. We’ve expanded our service teams to be there for our owners and guests (including 24/7 guest support). And we’ve added key hires to every team (we grew by more than 140!) to make sure our 13,000+ properties get the support they need.

3. We’re getting back to owners faster than ever

If you had any issues reaching our owner support team earlier this year, we’re proud to report that we’ve addressed it, head on. Through hiring and process improvements, we’re now responding to owner requests within two hours (average) and our average hold time is less than a minute. We’re here for you.

4. We’re getting more owners more property reviews

Reviews are crucial to a property listing’s popularity and we’ve stayed focused on encouraging them for all of our properties. We’re happy to say that, thanks to our efforts, more than 75% of our listings (and counting) now have at least three reviews.

5. Our local partner network makes Evolve owners happier

Based on surveys over the last year, we’ve proven that owners who choose a local service partner from our network are happier overall than owners who use partners outside of our network. Let us know if you’d like a recommendation or introduction to the Evolve Partner Network for your home team.

This isn’t a complete list. There are always behind-the-scenes changes that help our people and our technology work a little better. We just wanted our owners to know how hard we’re working to make everything about vacation rental easy.

Have we met?

If you’re reading this and you’re not currently an Evolve owner, welcome! As you can see, Evolve is on a mission to make vacation rental easy — and 2019 was a giant leap toward that goal.

If you’d like to learn more about our fresh approach to vacation rental management, see if your home qualifies today. If we’re a good match, we’ll take on the hardest parts of managing your vacation rental for an industry-low 10% management fee.

Ready for an easier way? See if you qualify today.