A Word About WiFi: Safe Surfing When You Travel

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A Word About WiFi: Safe Surfing When You Travel

The beauty of vacation rentals is that we can travel on our terms, finding that home away from home and all of the creature comforts that we know will make our trip a standout. If you’re anything life the staff in our office, the laptop always seems to find its way into the luggage pile when we head out of town. We use it for everything from finding local dining spots to playing music – and we’re always on the hunt for a vacation rental with WiFi.

A friendly word of caution – be a bit skeptical about your internet connection on your next vacation.

Now, that’s not a finger pointing at homeowners or their WiFi connections. We think it’s awesome that most of the rentals we see at Evolve offer WiFi for their guests (as it’s one of the first things we look for as vacationers)! It’s just a matter of remembering that you’re not at home and you don’t know the security of the network in your rental. And this isn’t just something to keep in mind for vacation rentals, either. You’ll be hard pressed to find a hotel with a super-secure connection, even if it’s a password-protected network (as all those other guests are using the same password!).

Just some tips for keeping your information safe when you travel and are connecting to an unfamiliar WiFi network:

  • Skip the shopping: The purchase can probably wait until you get home. Best to protect your credit card information as best you can instead of run the risk.
  • Be conscious of work-related logins: If your job requires you to login to a secure server, check with your IT department prior to hitting the road for any recommended precautions.  You might even be able to borrow a MyFi card or a company-issued hotspot to ensure you stay on a connection that’s in line with your company policies.
  • Shut it down when you leave: When you’re off for a day of adventure, go ahead and power the laptop down so no one can access it by hacking into the WiFi network you’re connected to. It’s just another layer of security for your information’s peace of mind!