Video: Stocking Your Vacation Rental

Thea WeissLeave a Comment

If you’ve stayed in a poorly managed vacation rental, you probably know this feeling all too well: You’ve settled in for the night, and it dawns on you that your host missed something. Suddenly, you’ve gone from relaxing in your PJs to shopping for shampoo at the local store.

Luckily, it’s easy to keep guests from experiencing this stress. Providing the basics will set up a stay they’ll love — and return to over and over again. The best news is, it won’t break the bank.

So what do you need to have on hand? From spices and cookware to shower essentials (mini soaps, anyone?) our new three-minute video has rounded up a list for you.

Now that you know the essentials to stock, you can learn the most cost-efficient places to buy them. And if you’re looking to make even more money — and make guests happier — with your vacation rental, we’re here to help out.