Combining Vacation Rental AND Sanity Management: Your Guide to the Holidays

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Combining Vacation Rental AND Sanity Management: Your Guide to the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the winter holiday season is upon us – it seems that only yesterday, it was July 4th and Labor Day! Given how busy the end-of-year holiday season typically is for vacation rental owners, we thought we’d offer a two-pronged approach to staying sane over the next few months.

Winter holidays bring homeowners increased traveler inquiries alongside back-to-back bookings. So how do you manage your vacation rental and your sanity simultaneously?

Take a breath. You can put simple processes in place to help you deal with both your inquiries and bookings. Evolve homeowners enjoy the fact that we deal with both of these (inquiries and bookings) for them, but if you’re handling these yourself, here are two things you can try. First, set up a time of day to review your inquiries. This is incredibly easy to do if you established a dedicated email address to receive those from your listing sites. Secondly, keep your availability calendar updated after every confirmed booking. This will keep inquiries for dates that your property isn’t available at a minimum.

Get some help. If you’re not having a service like Evolve manage your bookings and inquiries, find a trusted friend that can help you out. There’s no reason your vacation should be curtailed because you have to spend all of your time managing your vacation rental! This can even be a personal assistant, secretary, or other work colleague you trust. Look at your existing personal resources and see who can help fill your shoes so your shoes can head out for some R & R.

These simple things can keep you on top of your vacation rental’s property management demands AND help you manage your sanity simultaneously. And if you’re thinking of having someone do the legwork for you, of course – the Evolve team would love to talk to you. No transaction fees, no listing fees – it’s just another way we spread the joy of owning a vacation rental to our homeowners all year long. After all, isn’t the greatest gift of being a vacation rental property owner actually being able to BE an owner and not a manager?

Three cheers to the beginnings of a joyous holiday season – and we’ll be here all the way to help you stay sane, share even more tips for successful holiday booking seasons, and help you get the most out of your vacation rental during the bustling holiday season.