Finding The Right Vacation Home Cleaning Service

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When it comes to a guest’s experience, your vacation rental is only as good as your cleaning and maintenance team. With their help, your vacation home will look sparkling and spotless in images and, most importantly, in person. 

Without the right home cleaning team, your beautiful home could easily appear cluttered or chaotic — and might never reach its full potential.

Evolve has an entire team dedicated to sourcing, vetting, and working with cleaning and maintenance partners. We talk to them every day, educate them on our four core property standards, and connect them with our owners (owners managing their own “home team” is one of the things that makes Evolve unique). 

So we’ve learned a lot over the years that we want to share with anyone looking for vacation rental cleaning services.

In our experience managing 10,000+ properties, here’s what you should look for, and look out for, when building your home’s upkeep team.


Before joining Evolve, one Tennessee homeowner learned the importance of asking the right questions. She was horrified to discover that her cleaners were staying on the property when it was vacant — without her knowledge! Not only is this illegal, but it cost her extra money on utilities.

Make sure you feel comfortable putting the property you love in this company’s hands, and that they’ll be focused on your vacation rental business’s success — not just collecting fees. Here’s what we look for when choosing partners, and what you should look for, too. 


This business should look and feel like a real company right from the get-go. Do they have a reputable and informative website? Have they gotten mostly positive reviews? Are they answering calls by stating the name of their business? Are you getting quick, professional responses on your emails? If not, keep searching for a partner with a business mindset.


Look for partners with a solid understanding of their industry and previous experience working with vacation rentals. Also, watch out for an “oversell” of their experience. You don’t want to be the property that someone uses for learning or launching a business. If something about the arrangement feels too good to be true, it probably is.


If a guest has any sort of issue with cleanliness or breakage during their stay, responsiveness is key. Your partner should be flexible and willing to shift priorities if needed. Ask what the process is for scheduling and try to get a sense of how responsive the company is — and if the way that they communicate suits your style.


Here are some red flags that the cleaning or maintenance company you’re looking to hire might not be a good fit.

Hidden fees

Do they charge more on holidays or after hours? Find out any situations where you might be asked to pay extra before making a decision. As an Evolve homeowner, you’ll be working directly with your partner, so make sure you understand where every dollar will go. 

Strict contracts 

Even if you’re under contract, you shouldn’t have to pay if services aren’t up to par — and this is something you’ll want to get in writing. Make sure you have clearly articulated what’s acceptable and what isn’t in any contract situation. 

Selfish motivations

The right partner for you is the one who understands that they’re helping you run a customer-focused business. If a partner seems more focused on their success or dismissive of guests in any way, keep looking.


Everything we’ve shared so far just scratches the surface. If finding someone to clean or maintain your vacation rental feels a little overwhelming, we get it — and we’re here to help.

Evolve’s management approach gives you professional marketing, booking, and guest support, plus the flexibility to use your preferred “home team” to clean and monitor your property. 

To make it even easier, our partner team can also recommend vetted cleaning partners to help you create the best guest experience at your property, every time. 

If this sounds good to you, click here to see if your home qualifies.