Getting More Bookings in Your Ski Vacation Rental

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Top amenities for short-term ski vacation rentals

Once upon a time, a ski rental only needed to provide a place to sleep, relax, and heat up basic meals to be considered satisfactory. Travelers booked these properties sight unseen and didn’t have great outlets for feedback if they found them to be lacking.

These days, people have higher expectations.

Unless your property all the right ingredients, it’s not going to be easy to get to the top of listing site results and outperform competitors.

We analyzed hundreds of ski rentals that work with Evolve to identify the features that make a ski rental stand out. Here’s how you can become a top performer in your area.

Hot Tubs Heat Things Up

It’s no surprise that 100% of our top 10 performing properties in Summit County have a hot tub. Having a soak is the first thing many skiers and snowboarders want to do after they call it a day.

With a private hot tub on-site or by providing access to a community pool, you make it easy for guests to indulge in this luxury while they’re on vacation. It’s an in-demand amenity that often translates to more bookings and higher nightly rates. Bonus points if your hot tub comes with an amazing view like these:

Fireplaces Provide a Warm Gathering Space

“An indoor fireplace is a staple in mountain cabins. Many travelers will only book if they know they’ll be able to sit around a roaring fire,” said one of Evolve’s Reservations Booking Specialists, Alex Patershuk.

Being on a team that books thousands of trips each month, she would know.

If you have a fireplace in your home, make it a focal point in the living room. Arrange couches around it to create a natural gathering place and add throw blankets and pillows to create a welcoming atmosphere. You may even want to go the extra mile for guests by providing a stack of wood if needed!

Bunk Rooms Accommodate A Crowd

As a rule of thumb, the most competitive mountain properties accommodate twice as many guests as the number of rooms, plus one or two. A two-bedroom home can often accommodate five to six guests, and a four-bedroom house can hold nine to ten, etc.

When doing this, it’s tempting to squeeze two (or more) sets of bunk beds in a room that only has enough space for one. Avoid the urge. It doesn’t look good and it creates a negative experience for your guests.

Built-in bunks and trundle beds provide an attractive and comfortable option that make it easy for groups to stay together while still feeling like they have room to breathe.

Timber Furniture Brings the Outdoors in

Log furniture and live-edge wood are staples in mountain decor. It’s attractive, it’s sturdy, and it strikes the right balance between luxury and nature.

Adding log furniture to your vacation rental is an easy way to create the rustic lodge style that guests expect when staying in high-end mountain homes. If your property is lacking a distinct decorating scheme right now, this is a style that will stand the test of time and strike the right chord with travelers.

Game Rooms Offer Indoor Entertainment

Indoor entertainment is a huge draw for people planning a trip to the mountains. When they aren’t outside enjoying the snow, they’ll be stuck indoors. Provide an enjoyable stay with entertainment and activities in your home.

A pool table, foosball table, shuffleboard table, arcade games, or something as simple and inexpensive as a collection of board games would be enough to motivate travelers to hit the ‘Book’ button when they land on your listing.

Saunas supply spa luxury

Saunas are the unsung hero of mountain rental amenities. Although they offer the same relief as a hot tub, they’re less expensive and require much less maintenance.

A sauna could be a complement to your hot tub to create a spa-like experience at your home. Or, it’s a great alternative if a hot tub isn’t in the budget or in the building plans at your property. Just make sure you update your listing to feature this special amenity so guests know they can indulge and relax when they stay at your property.

Gear Storage Cuts Down on Messy Clutter

Make it easy for guests to take advantage of the activities they came for with storage space for all of their icy outdoor gear. Cubbies for ski boots and stands to hold skis are unexpected luxuries that keep your guests’ gear organized as they come and go.

Plus storage space will save you the mess of melting snow that would accumulate if they stored their equipment in an entryway or room. And it saves them the headache of struggling to stash gear in a corner.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen Makes Homemade Meals Easy

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s also the primary reason people book vacation rentals over hotels. You can impress with a fully stocked kitchen that has everything they need to prepare homemade meals.

A spice rack, quality cooking utensils, coffee makers, and a set of sturdy knives are some of the essentials can elevate the experience and set you apart from your neighbors.

Modern Decor Gives a Fresh Take on Cozy

Ski rentals don’t have to be rustic to be cozy and your guests might appreciate a fresh approach to mountain decor. A modern decorating scheme can set you apart from the rest of the rentals in your area and catch travelers’ eyes as they’re browsing for listings online.

Clean lines, pops of color, and soft throw blankets will add the coziness that guests expect from mountain homes without the heaviness of traditional rustic decor.

Give Your Guests Something to Look Forward To

The vacation rental market in ski destinations is highly competitive.

Your ability to catch travelers’ attention and secure bookings over the other hundreds of options comes down to how good your listing looks online.

Small changes, such as adding throw blankets to your bedroom decor and stocking a cord of firewood signal that your home is a cozy retreat from the snow. Major investments like a hot tub or storage room might be the stand-out amenities that turn lookers into bookers.

These considerations set top vacation rental owners apart from the pack. They provide the polish and establish the professionalism guests now expect when they stay in a short-term rental.

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