Vacation Rental Case Study: Granby, Colorado

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When you make a big investment, you want to be as certain as possible that it’s going to pay off. To reduce your risk, you might hire an expert who has a track record of taking investments like yours and growing them. Putting the responsibility in someone else’s hands can make you feel a lot safer when you’re taking a big financial gamble.

But how can you make sure you find a trusted partner and not someone who is going to take your money and drive your investment into the ground?

This is a challenge most vacation rental owners have to face.

Horror stories about property managers are a dime a dozen: out-of-state owners receiving bills for mysterious maintenance charges, homeowners arriving at their properties to find unreported damage, clients paying steep fees for minimal bookings.

After closing on a beautiful four-bedroom investment property in Granby, Colorado, Michael and Stacy Dedin were facing this exact predicament.

As first-time vacation rental owners with full-time jobs, they knew they couldn’t manage the property themselves. They needed a vacation rental management service and they wanted a partner they could count on to take good care of their property and deliver strong financial returns. Until they found a property manager they were confident in, they refused to commit.

Fortunately, the Dedins didn’t have to wait too long to find a partner who met all of their criteria: Reliable, reputable, and revenue-driven.

They discovered Evolve while researching vacation rental management solutions and realized that it might just be what they were looking for, so they got in touch.

The Dedins have been working with Evolve for just seven months, and they’ve already beat their goal for annual bookings.

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