Happy Thanksgiving From Evolve

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What Evolve is thankful for in the world of vacation rentals

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Evolve!

We’re thankful for quite a lot today, but we wanted to especially say thank you to our owners, our partners, and the team members who are working this holiday weekend to make sure every one of our 2,052 check-ins goes smoothly.

Thanks to Our Owners

Evolve currently provides over 5,000 owners with vacation rental management services, and we’re so thankful for the time Evolve owners spend talking us up to the world! Just this week, a wonderful owner named Deb Dewees popped up on several Facebook threads to tell people how happy she is with our work and encouraging other owners to check us out.

For Deb and all the owners who let us know when we’ve succeeded in making vacation rental easier for them, thank you!

Thanks to Our Partners

We wouldn’t be able to provide such a high level of professionalism without our partners, which include professional photographers, cleaning services, maintenance providers, and many others. We’re so proud to work alongside these wonderful people, and our owners are thrilled to work with them, too:

“I just had to call to let you know Matt [Oaks, photographer] was amazing,” new Evolve owner Amy McCall told us by phone. “He was professional, made me feel great about my home, and provided some really helpful insight!”

He also took some amazing photos of Amy’s property. There’s one below, but you can see all of them at her listing here.

Amy's amazing property photos

For Matt and all of our partners who work so hard to help us professionally market and maintain Evolve properties, thank you!

Thanks to Our Team

This weekend, we’re hosting over 8,000 guests at over 2,000 properties. We’ll also be fielding inquiries all weekend long, as families come together over the holidays to make plans for future vacations.

None of that would be possible without our exceptional team members who are working on Thanksgiving Day and all through the holiday weekend.

Thanks to Alana, Maxwell, Trisha, Rose, Kelsi, Alexandra, Patrick, Aimee, Genevieve, Rachel, and Garrett on the Customer Experience team for getting any guest issues addressed and resolved over Thanksgiving Day and the weekend!

Thanks to Bronte, Ross, Andrew, Katie, Laura, MC, Michel, Nick, Taylor, Brice, Hannah, TJ, and Zach S. on our Travel Advisor team for helping travelers book the perfect property for their next vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday.

And last but never least, thanks to Kearstin, Sean, Gabi, Colin, Abigail, Coral, Katie, Katherine, Reggie, Reilly, Zach C, and both Caitlin Js for being on call for our owners’ needs over the holiday weekend.

Evolvers Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Our team gathered around for a Thanksgiving feast at our Evolve offices in Denver!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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