Home Rentals By Owner: Uncommon Tips for Photos That Sell

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Home Rentals By Owner: Uncommon Tips for Photos That Sell

Photos tell the story of a vacation rental and are without a doubt the most important element of a listing.  While it might be second nature to make sure that you snap pictures showing off the best that your vacation rental has to offer on the inside, what about taking your photos beyond the front door? Many owners forget that potential vacationers might be new to their area and looking for a little visual guidance. Here are a few vacation rental tips that we share with our Evolve owners – whether they are shooting the photos themselves or we are arranging for a pro to handle it for them – that help tell the story of your home and grab attention from travelers:

Exterior shots: Your “story” starts with arrival, so show your guests what they will see as they drive up.  Photos taken at dusk with lots of exterior lighting can be particularly effective.

Looking out the front door: Does your porch offer a stunning view? A shot pointed from the inside of your home looking out the front door can let future guests know what’s waiting for them every day when they wake up, whether they leave the house or not!

A view from the windows: Many home vacation rentals by owner have a stunning view just outside one of the property’s windows that they should be calling a lot more attention to. Keep the window in the shot and snap a picture so future guests can see the view from your very special window to the world.

Local attractions: So many of our homeowners live in resort and vacation areas – why not include some pictures in your listing of local hot spots and favorite vendors? Travelers are hungry for this type of local information and if your listing can provide it, you might find your home bumped up a notch or two on the desirable list!

Morning, evening, and nighttime views: Sunrises, sunsets, and nighttime landscapes are views you rarely see on vacation rental listings. There’s no shame in showing your future guests what they can expect from Mother Nature every hour of the day. As a tip, shots at these hours of the day might require special filters and shutter speeds to give the best quality. Grab a photographer friend to help you out if you want to add these to your listings.