How-To Guide: Stocking Your Vacation Rental Kitchen

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In a site-wide audit of vacation rental reviews, HomeAway discovered the number one phrase used in negative reviews when expressing disappointment with accommodations. The phrase?

“Pots and pans.”  

The three words above reinforce the importance of providing guests with a well-stocked kitchen. After all, one of the biggest values of a vacation rental home is being able to prepare and enjoy meals with family and friends. If your kitchen is dirty, dysfunctional, or lacking supplies, your guests are sure to leave disappointed.

In order to help you keep travelers happy, we’ve put a together checklist of essential and suggested kitchen supplies to stock in your rental property. Be sure to clean, update and replace these supplies as necessary:

Essential Kitchen Supplies:

  • ❒  At least 4-5 different sized pots and pans (not chipped, cracked, or warped)
  • ❒  Plates, bowls, glasses, and flatware — (provide two of each item per guest that your home sleeps)
  • ❒  Cooking utensils and sharp kitchen knives (with cutting board)
  • ❒  Wine glasses + wine bottle opener
  • ❒  At least 2-3 large serving bowls/plates for family-style meals
  • ❒  Coffee pot w/ coffee, teas & hot cocoa
  • ❒  Clean potholders and dish towels
  • ❒  Garbage bags (enough for the entire length of stay)
  • ❒  Paper towels (enough for the entire length of stay)
  • ❒  Salt and pepper

Suggested Kitchen Supplies:

  • ❒  Seasonings, olive oil, chicken stock powder, etc.
  • ❒  Ice cube trays
  • ❒  Plastic tupperware for leftovers
  • ❒  Additional appliances: blender, food processor, french press, tea kettle, crock pot
  • ❒  Dish drying rack (if you don’t have a dishwasher)

Providing travelers with access to all the supplies listed above will undoubtedly result in happy guests, which will lead to plenty of repeat visits. Now the only time “pots and pans” will show up in your reviews is when guests rave about how much they loved cooking in your kitchen!

Did we miss any important kitchen items? If so, let us know in the comments!

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