Vacation Rental Case Study: Napa Valley

Astrid LindstromLeave a Comment

If you’ve been renting for a long time, you want to protect everything you’ve built.

You want to protect the amount of income you’ve become accustomed to. You want to protect the quality of experience you’ve created for your guests. You want to protect the property itself.

And if you’re like Joel Haddad and his partner Jim, you’re wishing you could protect all of those things while freeing up some more time to spend with your family.

Joel and Jim had owned a B&B in Napa Valley for many years, and they’d built it into a thriving business. They saw that the industry was shifting toward vacation rental and were considering making the change, but they weren’t eager to start all over again with a new business approach.

They also wanted to be sure they wouldn’t see a drop in their business income.

The solution to their conundrum – how to free up their time while maintaining their excellent income and high standards of professionalism – turned out to be Evolve.

Not only did we fit seamlessly into Joel and Jim’s approach to rental – our management, marketing, and booking services have brought them a whopping $230,602 in rental income in their first 6 months.

The couple were thrilled with how well we were able to meet their other standards, too – read all about it in the full version of the case study here.

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