The Journey – Musings From a Denver Startup

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Warning:  reflections on startups, travel, and life ahead.  Enter at your own risk.

Starting companies isn’t easy.  The hours are long, the nights are sleepless and the deck is stacked against you.  So why do it?  I think it comes down a simple question:  are you so passionate about what you’re working on that you can’t imagine doing anything else?

The key is to be passionate about what you’re “working on” – it’s not enough to be passionate about the outcome.  Everyone loves the idea of success, that’s easy.  You have to be passionate about the work, the day-to-day grind…the journey.

Our passion is working on travel, specifically on vacation rental and the “homes over hotels” movement.  Fortunately, we’re not alone.  There are millions of people who share this passion.  And the best part?  They all understand the concept of the journey.

Some of our homeowner clients are just starting their journey, others are veterans.  But they all see that things are changing, that expectations of the industry are being raised and new approaches are not just worth considering, they’re required.

We talk to people every day that are using travel to see new places, mark major milestones or simply reconnect with the most important people in their lives.  Their journey is about calling a timeout, getting away and seeing things from a different point of view.

And yes, we are on a journey here at Evolve.  It’s a journey for our whole team as we figure out the best way to build and run a business that has never existed before.  A business that we believe can make a lasting impact on this industry.  We’ve all decided that this journey is where our passion lies…and that we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

So as you head into the weekend, we’d like to offer a word of thanks.  We’re glad you’re here.  We’re trying to make the journey better for you – and whether or not we are successful in that effort, we hope you know that you’re making the journey better for us.