Togetherness Vacations: When the People are More Important than the Destination

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There’s a new trend in vacationing: Where you go matters far less than with whom you travel. The point is to share the experience with the people who matter most. Groups like family reunions, long-lost college friends, parents with their grown children, and couples with their best friends are traveling together, using the time away to focus on the people they love.

For this kind of vacation—whether you travel as a couple, a family, or a group of friends—renting a vacation home is far superior to renting a hotel room, or several hotel rooms. As we’ve mentioned before, a vacation home allows plenty of space for a group of any size to stay all together. Bring extended family, multiple couples with their children, or a large group of friends, and you’ll be able to share far more of the experience together. Staying in a home-like setting away from home fosters connection in other ways, too. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of the ways people have grown closer together by getting away from it all:

  • After decades of vacationing with their children, and then their grandchildren, Julie decided to rent a vacation condo with her husband, her sister, and her brother-in-law—no kids or grandkids. The most memorable parts of their trip to Aruba were the most ordinary of activities, like shopping for groceries, cooking together in their own kitchen, and “chatting, chatting, chatting about everything from death to careers to retirement to the wonders of the island.”
  • For couples, the first vacation together is now considered a rite of passage. The web is full of tips for making that first trip together work out for the best. It’s a chance to see each other in a whole new light, day in and day out. A vacation rental home can help make that first trip together a positive bonding experience, rather than a stumbling block. You’ll be able to truly relax in a completely private setting, and if you need a few hours to yourself, you and your sweetie can unwind in separate rooms.
  • One-on-one parent-child trips are a growing trend. Some are chosen, and others happen due to scheduling conflicts for one parent. Whatever the reason and whatever the child’s age, this special trip builds memories to last a lifetime. Renting a home instead of a hotel room can help here, too. Let the child have her own room and some time to herself, and enjoy time at home together, cooking, watching movies, or just hanging out.

Vacationing together in a vacation rental home can be a life-changing experience, whatever your destination. In fact, it’s such an interesting trend that a new PBS television series, Getting Away Together, is following families and groups of friends as they do just that.