Top 10 Ways Evolve Has Helped Owners Earn Vacation Rental Income

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According to our survey of more than 1,000 owners, the top challenges across the board for everyone from brand new vacation rental owners to vacation rental experts are:

  • Getting enough bookings
  • Earning enough rental income

Helping owners maximize their income is what Evolve does best, and we put together a list of the top 10 ways we’ve helped homeowners earn more from their vacation rentals.

10. Greater flexibility

Greater flexibility helped this Santa Fe owner increase her booking income by 10%.

Leah Fineberg found it was a lot easier to make money once she left her strict property manager in Santa Fe and started working with Evolve. The freedom to choose how to stock, clean, and maintain her property meant she could save and splurge as she saw fit. That cut her costs and made it possible for her to start earning more.

9. Booking specialists

Booking specialists helped this veteran Kona Owner increase his income by 40%.

Shawn Fransen had been in the vacation rental business for 16 years and owned multiple vacation rental properties when he hired Evolve to help manage one of his Kona houses. Within six months, his rental income jumped 40% as he had a dedicated team to handle guest inquiries and confirm bookings for him.

8. Transparent fees

Transparent fees helped these Marco Island owners increase their income by 90%.

Amanda Benton’s bookings doubled and her rental income jumped 90% after she left her property manager in Marco Island and partnered with Evolve. Without having to pay her property manager’s high commission or cover unexpected maintenance fees, she was finally able to start making money with her two properties in Florida.

7. Marketing expertise

Marketing expertise helped this Breckenridge owner increase his income by 90%.

Ryan Hart’s Breckenridge home started to really make money after Evolve took over the marketing and listed the property on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and Flipkey. Within two months, Ryan’s rental income has increased by 90% over what he previously made with a local property manager whose idea of marketing was listing the home on local websites.

6. Reservation support

Reservation support helped this experienced Branson owner increase her income by 40%.

Karen Hopkins was exhausted by the 24/7 job of taking guest inquiries and securing bookings for the seven properties she owned in Branson, Missouri. Without giving up control of the day-to-day responsibilities of the properties, she gained Evolve’s full-time reservation support team, which helped her increase her rental income by 40% in just two month’s time.

5. Full-time booking support

Full-time booking support helped this Sedona owner double her income.

Sherry Aviano said it was a game changer when Evolve took over the marketing, guest inquiries, and booking processes. These used to be the most time-consuming aspects of her vacation rental business, but with a full-time team backing her up, she managed to double her income and reinvest that money in three more vacation rental properties in Arizona and Mexico.

4. A professional listing

A professional listing helped this Breckenridge owner increase her income 122%.

Cindy joined Evolve and within a few weeks of receiving her updated listing, which included professional photography and a custom property description, she had booked up most of her peak season nights. Almost immediately, her rental income doubled over what she made the previous year, all thanks to her revamped listing and marketing with Evolve.

3. Better booking strategy

A better booking strategy helped these Kona owners increase their income by 242%.

Jim and Laurel Whillock were relieved when their rental income increased 242% after joining Evolve. The focus on marketing their vacation rental across top listing sites and the full-time reservation support team provided the boost in bookings they needed to cover their costs and start earning a solid retirement income from their second home in Hawaii.

2. Low fees

Lower fees helped this Lake Arrowhead owner increase his income 284%

Jim Choura’s vacation rental income improved 284% after he switched to Evolve and his booking fee dropped to just 10%. He was previously working with a traditional property manager in Lake Arrowhead, and their costs can range from 25-50%. Once he got his costs under control and he started getting more bookings with Evolve, his earnings soared.

1. Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing helped Galveston owners increase their income by 300%.

Sallye Stapleton witnessed a complete turnaround with her Galveston vacation rental after Evolve built her a new property listing, implemented a sophisticated marketing plan, and put her on a dynamic pricing model to maximize income year-round. The home, which had been a financial drain, rebounded to make 300% more than she was making with a local property manager.

With Evolve’s support and dedicated approach to marketing, these owners are no longer stressing over their rental income totals. They can sit back and watch the income roll in, or focus on expanding their portfolios with additional properties, or just enjoy their free time.

Evolve is a leading vacation rental management service in North America that has already helped more than 7,500 homeowners earn more than $300 million in rental income. For just 10%, Evolve handles the marketing, guest communication, and booking to make sure you’re maximizing your rental income year-round. Click here to learn more.