Vacation Home Decorating: 3 Tips

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When you’re setting up your vacation home to be rented for the first time, you’ll have a lot to think about, even when deciding how to decorate. Though your budget is important, and your own tastes should come into play if you plan to vacation here, too, you’ll need to think about more than that when decorating for renters. Plan to create a comfortable, casual, relaxing environment that will appeal to many tastes, and stand up to lots of use. The interior design blogs The House Designers and Home Design Find both give tips on decorating a vacation rental home. Here are the vacation home decorating ideas they both agree on:

1. Make it durable. Both blogs urge vacation homeowners to choose hard-wearing floors—especially if your vacation rental home is in a ski or beach area. Renters tracking sand or wet boots through your vacation home can take their toll on softer floors. In other areas, too, you’ll want to be sure your floors can handle a lot of traffic. Avoid soft woods, laminate, and carpeting. Hardwood and stone are good choices. To warm up the look, try area rugs, which can be washed and replaced more easily than carpet can. Make sure your furniture can stand up to a lot of use, too. Choose sturdy pieces, which will also help you follow the second tip:

2. Keep it casual. Your renters will be here to relax. You don’t want them to think twice about putting their feet up or setting down a drink on the table by the couch. There’s no need for formal furniture. Aim for comfort and easy-care everything in your vacation rental home.

3. It’s okay to have some style. While it’s best not to leave anything too personal in your vacation home when you rent it out—sensitive documents, irreplaceable family heirlooms, and personal hygiene items have to go—feel free to add some of your own style, or another style that fits the place. Hang interesting artwork, add quirky antiques, or use a whimsical color scheme. If you’d like an ocean theme for a beach house or a mountain theme for a ski condo, go for it! Your renters are looking for a vacation to remember. Give them a cozy place to relax, but let it have a personality of its own.