Vacation Rental Case Study: Bethany Beach

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Bethany Beach Vacation Rental Owner Makes over $71,000 in 18 Months

What would you do with a sudden windfall – spend it on something lavish, or put that money to work so it continues to line your pockets for years to come?

Bob Hepp had always been a savvy investor and businessman. So when he sold an 11-unit apartment building he’d owned for 30 years and received some profit, it was clear to him which path he should take.

He reinvested the money he earned from the sale into a beautiful five-bedroom home less than 1,000 feet from the Atlantic in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Ready to leave his responsibilities as a landlord in the past, Bob decided short-term vacation rental was the best option for a new venture that would stretch into his retirement years. With the high season in Bethany Beach spanning just from July to August, he wouldn’t have to be on-call year-round or worry about problematic tenants.

Plus, Bob really liked that vacation rental gave him, his four children, and six grandchildren the opportunity to use the property when there weren’t any guests staying there.

But unfortunately, things weren’t all smooth sailing.

After several years of getting as many bookings as he could handle during the summer high season, inquiries stopped coming in for Bob’s house.

Changes to VRBO meant Bob needed to pay more to get better results, accept that he was going to get fewer bookings, or find help.

Bob chose to find help – and that’s when he found out about Evolve.

He’s been working with Evolve for a year and half now and his bookings have bounced right back to where they were before he started to have issues with VRBO.

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