Vacation Rental Case Study: Big Bear, California

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Using your vacation home as a short-term vacation rental is a great way to cut costs and even turn a profit, and make sure that your property is being checked in on by a professional in your absence. With that being said, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your property is in professional, trustworthy, and capable hands.

Elizabeth and Jeffrey VonderHaar had never even considered entering the vacation rental market until they bought a home in Big Bear, California. The home they purchased had previously been a successful vacation rental, so they thought renting it out would be nice side project for their new investment.

After getting a recommendation for a local property manager, the VonderHaars were excited to see what their new business venture would bring them.

The bookings rolled in immediately, and as first-time vacation renters, the VonderHaars felt like they had lucked out.

But soon, problems arose. The property managers mismanaged their home, overcharged them with suspicious fees, and barely serviced their rental.

The VonderHaars weren’t sure what to do, and as first-time vacation rental owners, they felt especially concerned for the future of their home.

Luckily, they found Evolve.

In one year, the VonderHaars made almost $70,000, but more importantly – they found a vacation rental partner that gives them the respect and full transparency that they deserve.

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