Vacation Rental Case Study: Black Hills, South Dakota

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After Marjorie Bender retired from her career as a flight attendant, she decided to pursue her passion for real estate. She thought a rental property would be a good place to start.

Her realtor took her to see a few properties in nearby Lead, South Dakota, and the moment Marjorie walked into the two-bedroom cabin at the base of Terry Peak, she fell in love.

“There’s a wonderful, positive feeling you get when you walk in. I took one turn around and said, ‘I want it.’ And I immediately thought it would be great for vacation rental.”

Since the cabin was close to the local ski resort and in the heart of the Black Hills, her realtor told her she should be able to get plenty of bookings with summer and winter tourists. And her realtor just so happened to own a vacation rental management company that could help.

But at the end of the first year, Marjorie started to worry her investment was a lemon.

With only 12 bookings for the year, she barely cleared enough revenue to cover her costs.

So when she saw a commercial about a vacation rental company helping other owners cover their costs and make a healthy side income, Marjorie began to wonder if her property wasn’t the problem. Maybe it was the wrong approach to vacation rental management.

The company was Evolve, and as Marjorie learned more about how Evolve partners with owners it sounded like exactly what she needed to turn things around!

Now, Marjorie’s cabin is booked all summer long and gets plenty of winter action with skiers at Terry Peak.

She’s hitting her rental income goal four times over and is getting her kids involved in the cleaning and upkeep of the property. She hopes it pass it along to them as a family business once they get old enough!

Read more about why Marjorie made the switch to Evolve and see how her Black Hills vacation rental property is doing now.

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