Vacation Rental Case Study: Branson

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Vacation Rental Case Study: Branson

Nobody cares more about your property than you do. You built it from scratch. You know its ins and outs. You know how you want it maintained.

Sure, there might be some aspects that wear you out, but you definitely don’t want to give up control over how your rental is managed, so a vacation rental manager is out of the question.

Or so Karen Hopkins thought – before she found Evolve.

Karen was no stranger to the vacation rental industry; in fact, she and her brother had spent 10 years growing her vacation rental business from a single property in Palm Desert to a small empire of 7 properties in Branson, MO. She loved running every part of her rental business.

Until the industry changed.

Guests began demanding nearly instant responses to queries. Online bookings and credit card payments became the norm. Listing guidelines tightened, meaning that professional photos and optimized descriptions were no longer just options – they were requirements.

Though for years Karen single-handedly managed, booked, marketed, and maintained all of her properties, she found she was exhausted by being on-call 24/7 and trying to keep in front of industry trends.

She didn’t want to lose control over what she had built. But she didn’t want to burn out, either.

Karen was hoping to find a way to continue with the parts of rental management she loved while delegating the tasks that drained her. Evolve came to the rescue with the perfect solution: we’d take on her marketing and booking, and Karen would maintain complete control over all her on-the-ground services.

Karen was willing, with one caveat: we had to perform as well as she did.

So far, so good. Karen’s been with Evolve 2 months, and in that time her collective properties have made over $90,000 in bookings – a 40% increase over the same season last year.

Click here to find how Evolve is able to help make even the most experienced owners’ lives easier – while keeping you firmly in the driver’s seat.

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