Vacation Rental Case Study: Cocoa Beach, FL

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Orlando couple Sean and Patricia Carpenter felt ready to start a vacation rental business in Cocoa Beach. Ideally, they’d find a house they could rent out most of the month and still have some weekends for their family. But one look at the high cost of local property managers — 40-50% in their case — was enough to make them rethink their approach. 

After all, launching a vacation rental business is already a financial commitment. Making sure you have enough bookings to cover the mortgage, furnishing and upgrading the space to make it attractive to guests, and setting rates to take advantage of demand all adds up. Adding high local property management fees to startup costs just made it seem financially unfeasible. 

So, the Carpenters called Evolve. And in just a few months, we helped them go from no property to earning more than $40,000 in bookings in their first month as a rental. 

Find out how we helped the Carpenters launch a vacation rental business from scratch.