Vacation Rental Case Study: Gaylord, Michigan

Astrid LindstromLeave a Comment

Early success is nice, but any business owner can tell you consistent results are the ultimate goal.

When the time came for John and Joy Shannon to downsize their house, instead of taking a one-time profit in the form of a sale they decided to go another route: putting their previous home to work for them.

The couple had noticed their neighbor’s huge success with vacation rental ownership, and they thought they’d throw their hats in the ring.

The only trouble was they knew they wouldn’t have the time to manage the rental themselves, and the property manager they spoke to was asking a 30% booking fee for his services.

But the Shannons knew that money would feel better in their pockets than the property managers. They started looking for a better solution, hoping to find a partner to provide the same level of service without the exorbitant fee.

Find it they did. Not only did John and Joy get a better vacation rental management service at a fraction of cost – just 10% – they have enjoyed a 50% booking rate consistently over the past two years!

Even rentals in vacation hot spots struggle to see numbers this consistently high – so how did the Shannons pull it off?

They found a partner who provided better marketing, better customer service, and strategically helped them set their rates to get the best possible results from their rental.

Who did the Shannons find to partner with? You’ll never guess. Click here to read the whole story.

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