Vacation Rental Case Study: Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Hot Springs vacation rental

Bookings that disappear off your calendar before you can review them. Commissions that fluctuate without rhyme or reason. Broken items that your property manager blames on housekeeping and that housekeeping blames on the property manager.

They add up to a total nightmare for a homeowner, especially if you live so far away from your rental property that you can’t visit often to find out what’s actually happening.

And that’s exactly the situation Vickie Stubblefield found herself in with her property manager in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

So it came as a relief that he was closing up shop.

Instead of worrying about who would manage her popular short-term rental on Lake Hamilton after he closed down, she optimistically started her search for a replacement. The fresh start would give her the opportunity to find a management service that made her life easier rather than harder.

And Vickie was right to feel optimistic. Before long she came across Evolve and realized it was the vacation rental management service that she needed.

These days, Vickie doesn’t have to deal with the hassles of lost bookings or mysterious charges. She gets great communication, full transparency, and all of the help she needs.

Plus, she’s doing better than ever. See just how well Vickie is doing with Evolve!