Vacation Rental Case Study: Kona, Hawaii

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Find out how an experienced vacation rental owner increased his rental income by 40%.

You’re the expert in running your vacation rentals. You know how and when they should be promoted. You know how they need to be cleaned for guests. You know what you need to do to maximize your rental income.

The only problem? You’re just too busy to do it all yourself.

You might consider taking on a partner to take over the hassles of your vacation rental business, but you’ve worked with vacation rental managers before, and frankly –

You don’t want to pay someone to overpromise and underdeliver.

That’s where Shawn Fransen was before he found Evolve.

Shawn had been in the vacation rental business for over 15 years. As an industry veteran with 10 properties across Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado, he wasn’t looking for someone to show him the ropes. He already did his marketing, his booking, his management – and business was booming.

But Shawn was getting fed up. He was tired of handling the hassles and sick of being disappointed by property managers.

What Shawn needed was someone who could do what he didn’t have time to do himself – and do it well.

He was looking for a partner that would actually make his life easier. Having previously tried other solutions that fell short, he admits that he was skeptical that Evolve could take any of the difficulties off his plate without seeing his income drop.

Six months later, Shawn couldn’t be happier with the results. He’s saving countless hours on management, marketing, and booking inquiries, and his income hasn’t dropped off even a little.

Better, actually. One of his properties is performing 40% higher than he was able to achieve himself, bringing him over $65,000 for the two Kona properties he brought on board.

Click here to read Shawn’s full case study and find out how Evolve proved to be an exceptional partner – even to the most experienced owner.

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