Vacation Rental Case Study: Marco Island, Florida

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When Amanda Benton started helping her grandfather run his two Marco Island, Florida vacation rentals, she thought it would be a nice way to help out with the family business. After all, her grandfather had been running them successfully on his own for seven years already.

What she didn’t expect was the huge headache that came with the job.

In the past 5 years, Amanda employed multiple property managers to take care of the two Marco Island properties – but ran into numerous problems.

Living thousands of miles away from the properties, Amanda couldn’t help but feel taken advantage of when suspicious and questionable service charges kept appearing. On top of the numerous fees she was slammed with, she also felt that her properties weren’t getting as many bookings as they could and it was hurting their ability to generate rental income.

In spring of 2017, Amanda realized that she didn’t have to put up with property managers who over-charged and under-delivered. She found Evolve.

Since joining Evolve, Amanda and her grandfather’s two properties have made almost $200,000 and received almost 100 bookings so far.

Want to find out how Evolve doubled bookings on both properties, and gave Amanda the control over the rentals she’s always wanted?

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