Vacation Rental Case Study: Maui, Hawaii

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Ever dream of living full-time in your favorite vacation destination?

That’s how a lot of people get into vacation rental in the first place. They buy a second home in their favorite locale thinking, “One day we’ll retire here.”

Even when you visit several times a year, though, it can be hard to justify the cost of a second property. It’s especially hard to justify when it’s in a popular and expensive area – like Maui.

What do you do? Do you hold on to the dream of one day living in your dream location year-round? Or do you keep eating the cost of owning a property you only occupy a few months of the year?

That’s the situation Christina Hoeft found herself in two years ago.

Christina and her family lived in Michigan, but she’d summered in Maui as a child and wanted to keep spending as much time there as possible. Once they bought that second property, though, Christina quickly realized that she felt her investment was going to waste for much of the time.

Christina was already fostering a high-powered career, and she wouldn’t have time to operate her property as a vacation rental. Still, when she found out what other properties in her area were earning, it seemed like the perfect way to make her dream home pay for itself.

Two years later, Christina still has her exceptional career, her home in Maui – and $151,311 in rental income. She’s even financed a move to Maui years ahead of schedule!

How did she achieve such phenomenal results when she didn’t have any time to invest in learning or managing a new business?

Read the full case study to find out.

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