Vacation Rental Case Study: Packwood, Washington

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Anne Nicholas felt like it was divine intervention when a historic A-frame cabin came on the market in Packwood, a small community near Mt. Rainier where her family owned vacation homes.

For years, she had wanted to buy a place near her family’s properties but it didn’t seem feasible. She was living in Colorado, raising children, and working. Then, everything fell into place.

A cabin went on the market and a mutual friend in the neighborhood agreed to help with property management, solving the problem of long-distance ownership.

Her plan to use the property as a vacation rental was smooth sailing until her property manager decided to get out of the business.

Living halfway across the country, Anne needed help. She couldn’t take on the time-consuming tasks of getting bookings and managing the guest experience on her own. When she explored local options to take over, she struck out. They were too expensive and didn’t meet her needs.

Things weren’t looking too promising until Anne found an unexpected solution – a vacation rental management company back home in Colorado. At first, she was skeptical about using a company that wasn’t in the area and couldn’t serve as the eyes and ears of her property.

But now, Anne’s property is doing better than ever before and she has a reliable partner to help her keep her vacation home in Washington filled with great guests year-round.

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