Vacation Rental Case Study: Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

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If you’re taking a risk and making a big real estate investment, you want to be certain it’s going to pay off.

But it’s hard to guarantee success when your real estate investment is going to be used as a vacation rental. It’s even harder if you’ve never managed one before.

You might consider doing it all yourself, but the margin of error is high and the learning curve steep. You might also consider finding a partner to help you. But the key is finding a partner you can trust, who has the resources to support your rental goals.

These are the problems that Tammy Geiken struggled with as she was preparing to buy her first investment property.

Tammy had found the perfect home for her first real estate investment, a beautiful cabin in the Pequot Lakes region. The only downside was that it came with a lot of expenses. To cover those costs, Tammy planned to run it as a vacation rental.

As a first-time vacation rental owner, she needed a partner who could show her the ropes and help her turn the cabin into a profitable investment.

At first, a local property manager seemed like the right fit. After all, they know the area better than anyone and have the most familiarity with the clientele. But when Tammy learned their only strategy for getting bookings was local advertising, she started to second guess herself.

That strategy wasn’t going to get her property enough exposure. 

So she got back in touch with Evolve, a company she found online during her preliminary searches and had consulted even before purchasing her cabin. Although Evolve wasn’t local to Minnesota, it had the right strategy to support Tammy’s ambitious goals.

Just 10 months later, Tammy feels lucky to have made the decisions she did. She has far outperformed her booking goals for the year and has earned over $130,000 with her Pequot Lake cabin.

Click here to read Tammy’s full case study and find out how Evolve turned out to be exactly the right partner for this first-time vacation rental owner.

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