Vacation Rental Case Study: Poconos, PA

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What’s the biggest thing holding you back from renting out your second home?

For Don and Toby Allison, it was finding a property manager who could actually deliver a profit.

When the couple decided to rent their Poconos property, they looked high and low for a manager who could effectively market their home in exchange for a reasonable booking fee.

Don was unimpressed with what he found. Most of the property managers weren’t very good at marketing themselves. How would they be able to market his property?

The Allisons wanted a great property manager who could get amazing income results for a reasonable fee. And as it turned out, it was well worth spending a little extra time to hunt for their ideal partner.

This year, the Allisons made $97,976 on their Poconos property.

Turns out good marketing – and a low booking fee – are well worth holding out for.

Not only did the Allisons manage to earn almost six figures this year; they also avoided the stress common to new and experienced owners alike. They’ve loved every minute of their vacation rental experience, and we think you might want a taste of their easy-going vacation rental success in your life.

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