Vacation Rental Case Study: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Vacation Rental Case Study: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Not every vacation rental owner is especially concerned with their rental income.

If the mortgage and the expenses are covered, they’re pretty happy. Earn enough to take home a bit of a profit? That’s a lovely bonus.

Leah Fineberg and her husband Don were in that happy position when they decided to move to California to live nearer their grandchildren. They wanted to keep their house in Santa Fe and decided to operate it as a vacation rental – but as long as the bills were paid, the income wasn’t much of an issue.

What was an issue was the enormous headache caused by their property manager.

Leah was getting exhausted by all the demands her property manager made on her. She had to spend her own money to match the types of linens the property manager wanted to use. She couldn’t use her own cleaning lady – who had always done an exceptional job.

Meanwhile, though Leah was bending over backward to keep her PM happy, the PM couldn’t have cared less about returning the favor.

No communication. No compromises. A contract so complex that Leah had to get a lawyer to go through it with a fine-tooth comb – and all for a whopping 35% fee.

After a year of that kind of treatment, Leah was looking for a healthier – and more equal – partnership.

She found it with Evolve.

The Finebergs have kept up their excellent rental income with Evolve, earning $60,383 in her first year and taking far more of it home now that their fee has dropped to a mere 10%.

But that’s not why she raves about Evolve.

Click here to see why Leah can’t imagine working with anyone else.

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