Vacation Rental Case Study: South Hero, Vermont

Astrid LindstromLeave a Comment

Anyone who’s moved from state to state knows how important equity from your existing property is to financing your next home.

Sometimes, though, the market just isn’t in your favor.

Rocky Cleborne hoped to sell his Vermont home to offset the cost of his out-of-state move, but his house just wasn’t selling. After months without a buyer, he decided to see if there was another way to make his property pay dividends.

Vacation rental seemed like a viable option for Rocky, but he knew that with a full-time job and lack of proximity to the property, he would need an experienced partner.

Preferably, one that could ensure his property would earn a good income right out of the gate.

Evolve fit the bill perfectly.

From the moment he reached out to us, Rocky was impressed with our level of service and flexibility, and was pleased to find many of the headaches of vacation rental ownership removed from his plate entirely.

Rocky’s Vermont home is definitely paying off as a vacation rental: Evolve has made Rocky nearly $90,000 in under 5 months.

As for whether we’re delivering on providing Rocky with a knowledgeable and effortless partnership – click here to read the whole story.

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