Vacation Rental Case Study: Stowe, Vermont

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If you recently bought a second home that you only plan to use a few weeks per year, you might be thinking that vacation rental is a pretty good idea – and you’d be right. Vacation rental IS a great way to offset the costs of your second home!

If you make a project of it and dedicate a little time to managing your listing, you can do pretty well all on your own.

But if you have your sights set on doing better than just pretty well, then that’s a different ball game.

Doing really well with vacation rental requires a lot of hard work, time investment and dedication. You have to fine-tune your listing, learn about the booking site algorithms, answer inquiries around the clock, research your competitors, invest in your amenities, provide outstanding customer service, chase down guests to get reviews– the list goes on.

Todd and Mary Taggart saw what pretty well looked like when they bought a new condo in Stowe, Vermont. The previous owners had been listing it on VRBO and were getting a fair share of renters on their own. But Todd thought they could do a little bit better than that, especially if they put the listing on more than one booking site and had the right marketing strategy.

Retired and living in California, what Todd needed was a reliable partner. A partner that could help him with the tasks that he didn’t have time to do himself, a partner that understood the vacation rental landscape.

What he found was Evolve.

Five months later, the Taggarts have made enough to cover the costs of their second home, plus a little extra.

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