Vacation Rental Case Study: Tucson, Arizona

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Tucson vacation rental case study

You’re the local expert in your area. You know why people go there and what they like to do. You understand what they’re looking for when they book accommodations and you bring those special touches to your property.

As a vacation rental owner, you have a special expertise that no amount of research can replicate.

But even experts need help.

Kevin and Kendra Framer owned a beautiful home in Tucson, Arizona, that they converted into a vacation rental. As renovators, designers, and importers, they tastefully decorated their property and crafted it to fit exactly what travelers would want in a home away from home.

As locals, they knew what events brought people to town, and what would get them excited about booking the property.

What they didn’t have was the time or experience to track down the travelers.

Figuring out how to get their property in front of the right people online was something they were happy to hand off to the vacation rental experts.

After dismissing the idea of using expensive local property managers, Kendra asked her assistant to find the best vacation rental company online. What she found was Evolve.

Kevin and Kendra signed up for Evolve’s services and their home performed better than they ever imagined. So, when the couple sold that home and bought a historic ranch with the intention of using it as a vacation rental, they knew they needed to bring Evolve along as their partner.

It’s been six months so far, and their new property is already performing even better than their first one.

Click here to read their case study and find out exactly how much better they’re doing!

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