Vacation Rental Case Study: Vail, Colorado

Sari EichenblattLeave a Comment

After running a successful rental for several years, nothing could be more frustrating than seeing a drop in bookings with absolutely no explanation.

Barry and Judi Nelson hadn’t changed anything about the way they ran their rental – a beautiful condo in Vail, CO – but in 2016, they began receiving fewer and fewer bookings.

Their rental was beginning to fall farther from the top of VRBO’s search results, and performance continued to decline. With no clues into what had changed or how to fix it, Barry wasn’t sure how to stop it. He knew he needed help.

More than 4 years of previous rental success made Barry a little reluctant to reach out for help. He was skeptical that a property management service could provide better results than what he was able to do himself – but he knew he had no other option if he wanted to save his investment.

Fortunately, Barry found Evolve.

Since partnering with Evolve, the Nelsons have seen their listing rebound and then some – they’ve made $109,832 in just 13 months.

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