Vacation Rental Case Study: Las Vegas Area

Astrid LindstromLeave a Comment

For some, retirement means slowing down the pace of life.

For Frank Ellis, it meant diving into a new industry and earning over $100,000 in his first year out.

Frank wanted to keep himself busy after handing the reins of his business over to his son, and he was interested in running a vacation rental. He figured the upkeep and maintenance would keep him engaged, but he imagined more of a hobby than a full-fledged income generator.

After being referred to Evolve, Frank quickly saw the potential for an amazing match.

He wanted to keep his own housekeeper and do his own maintenance, but he knew he’d need help marketing the property – and he didn’t really want to spend his retirement fielding booking inquiries. For just a 10% booking fee, he figured it was well worth forming a partnership.

Frank’s never looked back. In fact, he couldn’t think of one thing to improve on when we interviewed him for this case study. He’s been impressed not only by our attentiveness and our prompt communication, but also with the amount of income we’ve managed to generate for him.

Exactly how much did Frank earn in the last 18 months? Click here to read his story – and find out what he intends to do with the earnings!

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