Free Vacation Rental Listing Assessment from Evolve

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Free Vacation Rental Listing Assessment from Evolve

The higher your search result rank, the easier it is to get bookings on the major vacation rental marketplaces.

Vacation rental owners have always known this. It’s why they were willing to spend money on the highest tier subscriptions on HomeAway and VRBO – that #1 slot was worth real rental income.

Since the tiers have been phased out, it’s no longer possible to get a high ranking by buying the right subscription.

Instead, the highest ranking is determined by which listing is best optimized for Best Match.

Owners know that Best Match is what dictates where they’ll show up in search results, but they’re still struggling to get the ranking they feel their five-star property deserves.

Moving to other listing sites is no help, either. HomeAway and VRBO aren’t the only ones using a sorting algorithm to determine ranking. Airbnb, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, and all prioritize certain key factors in their listings to decide who ranks first, second – and fiftieth.

Which brings us to the big problem: most owners don’t know what factors determine their ranking on major listing sites. 

Owners tell us all the time: “I’m doing everything right! But I still get a bad ranking.”

When we take a look at their listings, though, we can immediately identify at least half a dozen factors that are keeping them from those top 10 results. When we tell the owners what we’ve found, they’re surprised.

“I never knew that mattered,” they say. “I thought I was doing everything.”

After dozens of interactions on social media and over the phone, we’ve finally decided something needs to be done about this. Owners should know what they need to do to get the ranking they used to enjoy.

We’re going to lay out exactly what you need to do to get a higher ranking on vacation rental listing sites. 

Oh, and we’re going to do it for free.

Announcing Evolve’s Free Listing Assessments

Here’s how it works: you send us a link to your listing on any major listing site: HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, FlipKey, or TripAdvisor.

The Evolve Regional Director for your area will assess your property on 11 different critical points that factor into the algorithm that determines your ranking on the site on which your property is listed. These factors include your:

  • Photos
  • Response time
  • Description
  • Headline
  • Booking process
  • Rates & fees

… and more! We’ve gone in-depth on every aspect of your listing to help you optimize it for the best possible ranking results, and we’ll be happy to explain why each component is a factor and how it helps you specifically.

And yes, of course, we’ll be talking about those five-star reviews. They still matter!

(But probably not as much as you think.)

Getting your free listing assessment is easy. Send us the link to your property listing and your contact info in the form below. That information will go straight to the Regional Director for your area, who will take a look at your listing, write up their assessment, and deliver it to you.

You’ll receive a 2-3 page report that covers every aspect of your listing in-depth, and gives you clear guidelines on how to get a better ranking on your listing site.  

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get clarification on any points that confuse you – we’re entirely at your disposal.

How Do We Know What Works?

You might be wondering at this point: how do you know what matters in the listing site’s algorithms? Did they share the secrets with you?

Nope. We did ask questions about what matters and what doesn’t, but mostly, it boils down to this: we’ve created professional listings for over 2,000 properties all over North America. We’ve gone through a lot of trial and error. And we’ve figured out a system that works extremely well.

Our properties rank well on all the listing sites we use: VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, and TripAdvisor. Our strategies are tried and tested across multiple platforms, regions, and property types, and we’re confident they can improve your ranking, too.

The strategies outlined in your listing assessment have worked so well for us that our owners have actually performed better since the changes at HomeAway. These strategies ensure our owners rank higher, get more bookings, and are happier than they’ve ever been.

You deserve to know what the requirements for a high ranking are, so you can decide how best to proceed with your vacation rental business. And we’re here to make that possible.

Start getting better results today! Sign up for your FREE 11-point listing assessment in the form below.

Offer is currently only available for properties located in North America.

Creating professional quality listings is just one of the ways we make vacation rental easier and more profitable for our owners. We also provide free professional photography, list your property for free on all major vacation rental sites, field all your booking inquiries, and handle communication between you, your guests, and your service providers. Click here to learn everything Evolve does to make vacation rental better – and more profitable – for owners