Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Spring Cleaning

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Vacation Rental Owner Tips: Spring Cleaning

We often think of spring cleaning as something our grandparents did in days past, when winter time meant keeping a house closed up, and the coming of spring meant fresh air and time to beat rugs and cushions outside. Now that we have closed houses with air conditioning and vacuum cleaners, spring cleaning is still a good idea for vacation rental home owners. Wherever your vacation rental home is, as the weather changes, your rental patterns are likely to change. You may be closing down a ski condo for the off season, or opening a beach house in time for spring break. Even if your rental vacation home is busy year-round, the concept of spring cleaning can remind you to give your place a thorough scrubbing once a year. There are many ways to go about spring cleaning your vacation rental home. Whether a DIYer or hiring a service, here’s how to get your clean on under the sunny blue skies of Spring:

The Shortcut Route

Good Housekeeping offers tips on quickly cleaning the most basic things and the things that will make the most impact, while mentioning a few gadgets that will make the job easier.

The Thorough Prescription

Martha Stewart Living has created this downloadable PDF, outlining a very complete, step-by step plan for spring cleaning an entire house. Besides cleaning away every bit of dirt and dust, this plan will have you repairing grout between tiles, waxing furniture and floors, and cleaning windows so the view shows through perfectly. Vacation rental home owners can especially benefit from this plan, as it includes great tips like fixing damaged window screens, changing fire alarm batteries, and refilling first-aid kits.

Find Your Own Spring Cleaning Style

If neither extreme feels quite right to you, check out this post from The Money Crashers Blog, which walks you through the process of making up your own spring cleaning plan. They even point out that you don’t have to do your spring cleaning in the spring. You can do your annual deep clean of your vacation rental home at any time of year that works for you. Just be sure to put only once-a-year tasks on your big cleaning plan. Things that need to be done more often, like every month or every time one group of renters moves out and another move in, belong on a different checklist.