Vacation Rental Veterans Share Their Hosting Secrets

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Welcome Gifts

Have you ever wondered what sets the most successful vacation rental homeowners apart from the rest? Same with us!

To get the answer to this question, we decided to ask some of Evolve’s most prosperous owners to share their best hosting tips and secrets. Here’s what we learned…

Show You Care

David Newton, who owns an amazing beachfront villa on Grand Cayman, says that when you care about your home, it shows. As a result, the quality of a guest’s stay is improved.

I think an owner who genuinely appreciates and finds pleasure in sharing their home with guests is an owner who will be successful renting out their home. I love my rental property and I plan to live in it full time when my kids are out of school. When my guests share their wonderful memories and experiences, I can relate and it brings me great joy. I believe our guests know this about us as it hopefully comes across in everything we do for them.”

Provide Amenities

Welcome Gifts

In the vacation rental market, there is no “standard” of hosting that guests can expect. That’s why Nelson Roberts, one of our long-time owners in Texas, suggests providing guests with an abundance of amenities to ensure they have a comfortable stay.

It may seem unnecessary to some, but we make sure guests know they can leave toilet paper, paper towels, sheets, towels, shampoo, shaving cream, coffee, filters, plates, flatware, pots, pans, dishes, plates et al, at home. They also know that we have a washer and dryer with a full supply of detergent and dryer sheets on hand if needed. We even tell our guests where to find the best grocery store, video rental, hospital and vet. All on a laminated card in the home.”

Give a Gift

coffeeThe Whillocks, who own a vacation rental in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, give each guest a small gift to provide a taste of the local flavor.

The welcome gift is a very simple and inexpensive thing we do that has brought great returns. Kona is famous for coffee, so we set out an 8 oz package of Kona Coffee, two bottles of Hawaii bottled water, and a personal mahalo (thank you) card on the counter along with a book of local activities, discounts, restaurant menus, etc. The traveler feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and proves that the $12 is well spent.”

Make it Personal

Tina B. has been renting out her home in the Monterey Peninsula of California for the past year with great success. She has found that travelers love when she goes out of her way to personally ensure they have a great trip.

I let every traveler know they are welcome by being in contact with them before and during their stay. I always strive to be kind in every interaction, even if that means going out of my way. I do as much as I can to help travelers have a great stay, including providing a welcome binder with information on the property and suggestions for their trip, labeling items in the home to make things easier to find, and sometimes even providing guests with items they forgot to bring along.”

Listen To Feedback

Receiving negative feedback about your property can be tough. Tina B., however, sees it as an opportunity to improve. If she gets any comments about something that could enhance the traveler’s experience, she takes it to heart and often works to make the necessary changes.

“The feedback I receive from guests has been excellent and is often very helpful. Listening to what travelers want lets me see my home through their eyes and has helped me improve on my vacation rental even more. In the end, it comes down to being kind and doing all you can to make sure your guests have a relaxing vacation.”

We couldn’t agree more with these great suggestions from our owners! After all, they’re enjoying success for a reason.

What other hosting tips would you give to your fellow vacation rental owners? Let us know in the comments!