What We’ve Learned

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In the process of building Evolve, we spent hundreds of hours speaking with vacation rental homeowners and travelers.  We focused on asking questions and listening.  Here’s what we learned…

From a homeowner’s perspective, the vacation rental market is changing rapidly.  Ten years ago the choice was simple:  rent your home out through a local property manager.  Today the market has grown more complex, with a majority of homeowners shifting to operating as a rental-by-owner and handling the details of marketing and booking themselves.

If we learned one thing, it was that homeowners have a lot of questions of their own:  Are local property managers worth the commissions?  Am I on the right listing site or sites?  Are my photos showcasing my home well?  Do I have my home priced correctly?  Am I responding to inquiries fast enough and with the right message?

And then, inevitably, we would hear the BIG question:  How do I know I am getting the most out of my vacation rental?

On the other side of the coin, our conversations with travelers helped to confirm that vacation rentals are an increasingly popular way to vacation.  There is no question that more people than ever are actively seeking the space, value and authenticity that a home can offer.

It was equally clear that travelers were not completely satisfied with their options today.  This feedback was typically framed as a “wish list”:  I wish it were easier to find the right home.  I wish there were more photos and information.  I wish the calendar was updated.  I wish I could get a call back.  I wish I could book online.

And, as with homeowners, we usually heard the BIG wish:  I wish I knew exactly what I was getting!

We distilled what we heard into our mission – to provide the world’s simplest, most effective way to market and book a vacation rental.

You can find more information about how we plan to fulfill this mission for both homeowners and travelers on our site.  And we’ll be addressing our approach in future blog posts.

For now, we’d like to leave you with a final question – how can Evolve fulfill this mission for you?